We are now taking pre-enrollment for students ages 3 years old – 12th grade for Lone Wolf Schools. The form for pre-enrollment is available HERE. We will have a formal enrollment date that will be announced soon. 

April 14, 2021

Dear Lone Wolf patrons,

After collecting the survey results that you provided from our Needs Assessment for Lone Wolf Schools we found the following to be the most important:

1. Bringing electrical wiring up to code and adding adequate outlets to accommodate the technology.
2. Replacing the heating and air conditioning systems throughout the school.
3. Purchasing a new bus/transportation.
4. Replacing our Chrome books for our students.

The Lone Wolf Board of Education is committed to meeting all of these needs and will work diligently to see that each of these is completed in a timely manner.

Thank you so much for your input,

Misty Smith, Principal
Lone Wolf Public Schools


***************** UPDATED 8/7/2020 *****************

Welcome back!

The 2020-2021 school year will be another history making school year. Covid-19 has altered the way we think and do education. We are scheduled to open school Monday, August 10th and our staff and faculty are eager to provide a safe and welcoming educational experience for the children of Lone Wolf.

The School Calendar and Virtual Learning

The Lone Wolf School calendar reflects changes required by the State Department of Education and some we needed to make locally. Our calendar reflects a virtual day every other Friday. This will be half day sessions and will be an instructional day with teachers teaching from the classroom and students on their Chromebooks at home. Grades will be taken and Attendance recorded as if the student was in the classroom. This is designed to prepare for a worst case scenario, should we have to shut school down for Covid-19. On days that virtual instruction is offered, it will be required for the student to log into the instructors class or they will be counted absent for that class. Grades will not be given if the student is not logged in.

For families who opt for virtual learning rather than in-school learning, they must notify Superintendent Sutherland or Principal Smith no later than August 10th and commit for the entire 9-week marking period. During this time those students in virtual learning cannot take part in any extracurricular or athletic activities. Those participating in virtual learning must follow the rules listed above for the virtual Friday instructions. At the end of the 9-week marking period, students have the option of continuing in virtual learning or returning to in-person learning at school. If a student wishes to opt out of virtual learning before the 9-week period they must present a written appeal to Principal Smith.

Public Health Protocols

Lone Wolf School would like all parents to make sure their children are fever free and feeling well (no cough, sore throat, vomiting or diarrhea) before allowing them to attend school each day. Please do not give your child medication to counteract a fever so you can send them to school. This could expose a lot of children to illness. Please make sure your child is well to help us keep everyone safe.

We are not going to mandate the wearing of a mask at this time but the State Department of Education may change that decision for us. Students may wear a mask if they desire and we encourage the students to do so. This will be especially important when changing classes or in situations that will not allow social distancing. It will be up to the student and parent to make that decision and to provide a face covering or mask for the student to wear.

Students with a temperature or who develop signs of illness will be removed from their classroom immediately and sent to the principal’s office. The principal will check their temperature and determine if the child needs to be picked up by the parents. A disposable mask will be given to the student to wear as a safety precaution and they will be isolated. Parent/guardian will then be notified to pick up their child from school.

Be assured that your child’s health and well-being is our number one priority. In preparing for a return to school Lone Wolf has installed all new paper towel dispensers so that the student only touches the paper towel that they are using. We will also be using touchless soap dispensers.

Vaporized sanitation backpacks will be used to that the entire school may be sanitized each day after the students leave. Hygiene will be strongly stressed, hand sanitizer will be available in every classroom and its use will be monitored to make sure students are using it. Social distancing will be practiced in the classroom to the greatest extent possible. New student desks have been purchased to replace tables to aid in social distancing.

Visiting the School

In the past, we have had the good fortune to have an open door policy for parents entering school. However, for the time being Parents are not to enter any of the school buildings unless they are wearing a face covering and then report only to one of the administrative offices. If you don’t feel well or are running a temperature, please do not enter the building. Call us, please don’t come in. Help us keep your children safe.

Pick up and Drop off

Parents delivering students to school are to deliver the students to a designated drop off point and the teacher will receive the children at that time. Afternoon pickup will be the reverse of the morning. Parents will arrive at the designated pickup area for their child and the teacher will release the child to be picked up.

Parents should NOT enter the school building to pick up or drop off children.

Students in the 3 year old program will be dropped off at the north Elementary Doors on 6th Street before 8:00 am and a school faculty member will be there to walk them into the classroom. At 11:30 am the student will need to be picked up on the east end of the building on Low St. They will be walked out the east doors to go home.

The Pre-K (4 year olds) will be dropped off on 7th street and meet the teacher. At 4:00 pm the parent will pull up and the child will be walked out.

Those preschoolers who choose to eat breakfast can be dropped off at the cafeteria doors and will be walked to their appropriate class afterward by a faculty member.

Kindergarten and older will be dismissed by the teacher and exit the building to await their appropriate transportation home.

Extracurricular Activities

Plans and protocols for athletics and other extracurricular activities will be announced later.

Parents, we need your help to make all of this work.

Mr. Sutherland and Mrs. Smith are in weekly conferences with State Superintendent Hofmeister and will pass on any relevant information and policy changes to you as the year proceeds.

Lone Wolf Schools Administration