*********** UPDATED 7/31/2020 ***********

Lone Wolf School classes will begin August 10th at 7:55 am. Thank you to everyone who has pre-enrolled online.

Enrollment packets may be picked up the week of August 3rd – 7th. Parents/guardians may pull up on the south side of the school, then call 580-846-9091 and tell us how many packets you need. School personnel will bring one to you.

Please return signed forms by Friday, August 7th before 11:00 am.

New students need to provide a birth certificate, shot record, and proof of residency.


The GI Joe Shop and Museum will provide free lunch for all Lone Wolf School children August 3rd, 5th, and 7th at the Lone Wolf Senior Citizens Center. Due to Covid-19 restrictions these will be carry out only as the Center is closed for dining and will need to be picked up at noon. Please call the Center at 580-846-9163 by 10:00 am each morning to order lunch for that day. The menus are listed in the Hobart Democrat Chief.

*********** UPDATED 7/16/2020 ***********

Parents and Students,

The 2020-2021 school year will be another history making school year. Covid-19 has altered the way we think and do education. Our school calendar reflects some of the changes required by the State Department of Education.

Our calendar reflects a virtual day every other Friday. This will be half day sessions and will be an instructional day with teachers teaching from the classroom and students on their Chromebooks at home. Grades will be taken and Attendance recorded as if the student was in the classroom. This is deisnged to prepare for a worst case scenario, should we have to shut school down for Covid-19.

We are scheduled to open school August 10, enrollment may be done on our school website. On site enrollment at this time is a big question mark.

We are not going to mandate the wearing of a mask at this time, higher powers may change that decision. Students may wear a mask if they desire. It will be up to the student and parent to make that decision and to monitor the wearing of it. Students that come into the office with a temperature will be given a mask to wear as a safety precaution until someone can come to school and get them.

Parents please do not give your child medication to counteract a fever so you can send them to school. This could contaminate a lot of children, so again help up keep everyone safe.

Days that virtual instruction is offered, it will be required for the student to log into the instructors class or they will be counted absent for that class and grades will not be given if not logged in.

Due to several retirements and job changes we will have new faces in Lone Wolf School this fall. Mrs. Misty Smith will be Principal, Ms. Brianna Hollister will be First Grade and Special Ed., Mrs. Carie Anderson will be math, and Ms. Koester will be assuming the counselor role.

Parents, we need your help to make all of this work. We have had the good fortune to have a very open door policy for you entering school. We are asking that you check in with one of the offices when entering the building. If you don’t feel well or are running a temperature, please do not enter the building. Call us, please don’t come in. Help us keep your children safe.

Be assured that your childs health and well-being is our number one priority. In preparing for back to school Lone Wolf has installed all new paper towel dispensers that the student only touches the paper towel that they are using, as well as touchless soap dispensers.

Vaporized sanitation backpacks have been ordered so that the entire school may be sanitized each day after the students have left. Hygiene will be stressed strongly, hand sanitizer will be available in every class room and its use will be monitored to make sure students are using it. Social distancing will be practiced in the classroom to the greatest exten possible. Student desks have been purchased to replace tables to aid in social distancing.

Mr. Sutherland and Mrs. Smith are in weekly conferences with State Superintendent Hofmeister and will pass on any relevant information and policy changes to you as the year proceeds.

Lone Wolf Schools Administration

Pre-Enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year is now online.  Click here to begin pre-enrollment.


Contact us- 580-846-9091 (phone)  580-846-5266 (Fax)