JW McGregor

JW McGregor is the 19 yr old son of Jennifer and Cris Hopkins and the late Nick McGregor. JW enjoyed playing basketball as a Lone Wolf Coyote. Outside of school JW enjoys hunting, fishing, and many other outdoor activities. After high school he plans to work as a diesel technician. JW would like to thank his teachers and friends for motivating him throughout his high school years.

What is your most memorable moment in high school?
Playing basketball with Billy McGregor.

What is your most creative excuse you’ve used to get out of doing homework?
Brother colored on it.

Where do you imagine yourself 10 years from now?
Working as a diesel technician.

Finish this sentence: “I could not live without…”
Family and friends.

Describe your senior year in three words.
Stay at home.

Finish this sentence: “I will always remember…”
Finishing Junior and Senior years in 1 year.

What are your plans for the future?
Become a diesel technician.

Any advice for the Junior Class?
Don’t drop out.